Welcome to The Camping Stitcher's Cross Stitch Designs!

I've been a maker for as long as I can remember and Needlework of many kinds has always been a favorite.  I started at an early age with Crochet and Needlepoint - I have always loved to make things and using a needle and some kind of thread has constantly reappeared in my crafting.  

I came to cross stitching under the guidance of my Mother In law and have stitched on and off for over 35 years, coming back to it when a lot of the world seemed to as well, to get us through the trying times of a world wide pandemic.  We are life long campers as well, so camping and cross stitching seem to be a perfect fit.  Stitching has been my constant crafting companion and has evolved into involvement in an amazing community of not only just stitchers, but "flosstubers" and designing seemed like a natural progression for me. 

I hope you enjoy stitching my designs as much I have enjoyed creating them!


Stitchers Prayer

My first design, the verse came about after a particularly difficult day.  I think it embodies what a lot of us feel when we pick up our stitching.  

All of my designs are available in my etsy shop - here.  

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